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Patient Care

    • Our Chiropractic Physicians have trained on various methods and techniques of analysis and adjusting as well as rehabilitation of the spine. They utilize a mixture of several techniques depending on the patient, their condition, and their personal preferences.

    • Pediatric Chiropractic care utilizing extremely delicate and gentle adjustments for children as young newborns. We believe that it is better to grow healthy children than to fix broken adults.

    • Foot orthotics/shoe inserts for spinal pelvic stabilization

    • Educational programs focusing on the most effective avenues to optimal health

    • Complete consultation and examination services to evaluate the necessity for Chiropractic care and appropriate referral to our Physical Medical Department if needed

    • X-ray services consisting of onsite unique full-spine weight bearing x-ray capability and radiologist services

    • Computerized paraspinal surface EMG and thermal scanning to assess and monitor spinal nerve function

Onsite Physiotherapy Services

    • Ultrasound and microcurrent electrical stimulation utilizing SmartSound™ the latest in ultrasound technology

    • Neuroprobe electro-acupuncture for ear acupuncture and point stimulation

    • Therapeutic massage services from specific area trigger point therapy to full-body massage therapy with our certified massage therapists